bizzi being blueberry

Hey there… thanks for visiting. I’m ‘Blueberry’ (a nickname my wife gave me).

I’m originally from Malaysia, but have split my time on earth to 3 countries; Malaysia, Singapore & Australia. At times people ask me, “which country do you call home?” Can’t really give a straightforward answer to that.. so I’ll just say, “home is where my feet are planted”.

Born a navy brat, I’ve moved about 10 times in my first 20 years, all across Malaysia & Singapore, before ending up in Brisbane, Australia for university. Lived, studied and worked there for 7.5 years before returning to Singapore again.

Right now, I’m living in Singapore with my darling wifey, ‘Raspberry’ and our handsome black cat, ‘Kitty’, a street cat we adopted from the apartment block we used to live at.

I love cooking.. highly likely due to my mom.. she was a cooking instructor for many years before retiring.. I was a homebody during my younger days and was the unofficial helper during her weekend classes at home.. I wonder how we managed to fit 20 people into our dining room every week?

Cooking is kinda relaxing.. I see it as a hobby.. I tried taking it seriously once by enrolling in a trade school, certificate 4 in commercial cookery.. only stayed for 6 months.. it was a love hate relationship.. loved cooking, hated the theory, loved kitchen practical, hated the standing, hated the main chef (tutor), loved the butchery & pastry chefs, loved the stainless steel commercial kitchen, hated the chaos that can happen when you put 12 students in a kitchen..

I doubt I’d ever become a chef, or open an F&B outlet. It’s just too much work. I’d rather just cook for friends and family.

I’ve been wanting to put together a cookbook, but I’m too lazy.. not motivated enough to sieve through mom’s recipe cabinet.. so I thought, why not start off with her recipes that are already in my head.. over the years in Australia, I’ve called her regularly to ask for recipes and try them out.. some of these dishes I’ve done so many times that I don’t need to refer to them any more.

So as my journey continues, I’ll be putting up much more.. not just recipes, but my reflections on life, thoughts on building a business, travel & photography and the strange things Raspberry loves about me.. I hope you’ll enjoy reading.

By the way, in case you’re not sure about some of them ingredients or methods, leave me a comment and I’ll try to explain more.


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