It’s a jungle out there!

Singapore is not called a ‘Garden City’ for nothing. There are trees everywhere..

The late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew wanted Singapore to be a green oasis and since the 1960s, greenery was made an integral part of the country’s infrastructure.

HDB Estate Playground
Greenery amidst the HDB estate

Some may call Singapore a concrete jungle.. but, I’ve seen worse.

At least over here, buildings are spaced far enough (very important for our sanity) and there’re plenty of trees, shrubs and flowering landscape.

For the weekly photo challenge, I had decided to take a closer look at one of the pine trees growing next to our block.

Pine Trees in HDB Estate
It’s a jungle in there!

I love the structure of the needles.

I’m amazed at how intricate and abstract they looked. Each needle is only about 2cm long (¾ inch) and yet there’s so much detail.





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