QingMing Part 2

Somewhat a continuation from an earlier post : QingMing

Having to drive 18-20 hours in 2 days is no joke.. but the best thing about going for the trip is of course, getting to eat Malaysian food!

Here are some pictures of what we had for lunch and dinner.

Bamboo Lemang on Fire Spit
Roadside stalls selling traditionally cooked Lemang.

This is Lemang. Glutinous rice with coconut milk cooked in a hollow bamboo lined with banana leaves. The best ones are cooked leaning over a small open fire.

Lemang and Rendang
Lemang when cut open, paired with Beef Rendang (photo credit: Raspberry)

Lemang is typically eaten with Serunding (spiced meat floss) and a dry curry such as Rendang.


Fish Head Curry at Rathas Curry House
Fish Head Curry @ Ratha’s Curry House, Raub, Pahang

Then there was the famous fish head curry at Ratha’s Curry House. The crowd was maddening! Sunday lunch had 80-100 people seated and about another 30 queuing for takeaway.


KL Hokkien Mee at Ah Wah Millennium 86 Paramount Gardens
Ah Wah KL Hokkien Mee @ Restoran Millennium 86, Paramount Gardens, PJ

And the final image goes to my favourite KL dish of all time.

The KL Hokkien Mee.

Thick noodles wok-fried in lard (with crunchy lard bits) with a coating of thick savoury black sauce, some cabbage, green leafy veges and lean pork slices.. Oh so yummy.

I’m salivating now just looking at these pictures.. I think it’s time to plan for another trip to Malaysia.



5 thoughts on “QingMing Part 2

    1. I’m getting hungry too!
      There used to be plenty by the roadside, but not so these days.
      We got ours on the way to Kuala Lumpur along the KL – Kuantan Highway.

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