Leading up to Chinese New Year this year, we decided to do a major spring clean. There were at least 25 carton boxes that has been sitting in the corner of the spare room for years. Raspberry and our helper made it their mission to go through every single one (to hopefully trash most of it).

As we went through all of them, I found this old photo.

This was a real Polaroid (not an Instagram filter) taken in the year 2000. It was a test shot by a professional photographer of me and 2 older gentlemen for the Asia Pacific Breweries Annual Report.

Jason Reeb Beer

We had to sit there, pretending to eat dim sum and drink REEB beer (A Shanghainese brand). Sadly, we didn’t get to eat any of the dim sum nor drink any of the beer.

Looking at the picture and going through all the other stuff in the boxes made me feel kinda nostalgic.. but, I guess we need to de-clutter and move on..

But, hey, at least I can say, “I was once a Beer Model!” 😛







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