The Great Wall of China

(a continuation of our Beijing trip March 2014..)

During our 4 days in Beijing, we had a chance to visit the Great Wall of China.

We went to the quieter Mutianyu section (as compared to the more popular Badaling section)

It was quite a long drive (about 90 mins) before we reached our destination at around 9am.

A few street traders were just starting to open up shop.

Great Wall Street Traders


Our guide/driver got us the aerial ropeway (cable-car) tickets while we walked around a bit at the entrance. It was still kinda deserted.

Great Wall Ticketing


Going up! Hmm.. were we the only ones heading up? It was really quiet and surreal.

Great Wall Cable Car


Looking back down to where we were..

Valley View from Great Wall


Behold.. the Great Wall of China!

Great Wall Blue Skies


Look at that beautiful sight! Oh yeah, and the scenery is great too! 🙂

Kyreen Great Wall Blue Skies


Raspberry looks back at history.. set in stone.. frozen in time..

Kyreen Great Wall Looking Back Blue Skies


We were so lucky to have had such blue skies on our trip. It made photo-taking a joy.

And before we knew it, it was time to head back down. The fast and furious way of course!

Toboggan ride!

Kyreen Great Wall Toboggan


Well.. the experience was.. umm.. we survived.

Good thing we had an early start. It was 10.30am and there were about 40 people queueing for tickets at the entrance.

Great Wall Ticketing 2

more of our Beijing trip to come..


5 thoughts on “The Great Wall of China

    1. Hi Melody, yes you must go! It’s really majestic. But do go to the Mutianyu section as it’s quieter. And go as early as possible to beat any crowds.

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