Vibrant Vietnam part deux

Part 2.

Our 4 days in HCMC were absolutely amazing.

It’s hard to do justice to the experience with mere words.. the sights, smells, sounds.. it was a bit overwhelming (mostly in a good way).

The incessant beeping of horns by every motorized vehicle.. the fragrance of street food and coffee (and roadside trash) that seem to emanate from every corner.. in a city steeped with history and vibrant progress!

I love architecture. Especially colonial ones.

This is the HCMC Central Post Office.

HCMC Post Office

And it’s a real working post office, not just a tourist attraction.

HCMC Post Office Inside
Inside the HCMC Central Post Office

The Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

HCMC Cathedral

HCMC City Hall at Night, directly opposite Rex Hotel

HCMC City Hall

There were just so much to see and not enough time. Although I took numerous pictures of old buildings, HCMC’s economic progress can be easily seen in the modern skyscrapers that is popping up everywhere.

Rushing to work? Haven’t had your coffee yet?

Vietnamese Iced Coffee from the back of a bike! Just perfect!

HCMC Mobile Cafe

to be continued..






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