Vibrant Vietnam

In August 2014, Raspberry and I did a 3-city trip; Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon), Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

HCMC and Jakarta was for work and KL for an alumni gathering. Raspberry was free then so I asked her to tag along.

It was our first time to Vietnam and we were excited about the trip.

We stayed at the Rex Hotel. It was a gorgeous hotel close to my work event venue and places of interest.

Rex Hotel Courtyard
The internal courtyard.. bright greens
Rex Hotel Exterior
Rex Hotel at night

On the first day, we took a stroll to look for food around the hotel and chanced upon a grand opening of the building next door. The entire stretch of walkway was lined with congratulatory bouquets of flowers in a myriad of colours.

HCMC Flowers
Congrats on your official opening!

Raspberry couldn’t help herself but to pose with the roses! The colours were as bright and vibrant as the people there.

Kyreen HCMC Roses
Oh hai!


4 amazing days in a beautiful city.

I shall post more pictures up in due time..


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