Hot vs Cold

On our trip to Beijing in March 2014, I wasn’t really prepared for how harsh the weather was going to be.. it went down to as low as 3 deg C and had wind gusts of 40-50 km/h.

We went out a bit early to look for a place to have dinner and after 20 mins or so, we decided to try this place.. Mala Hot Pot! Why not? Combat the cold with the numbingly spicy Sichuan peppercorn & chilli oil hotpot..

Beijing Mala Hot Pot Restaurant

Of course, we’ve all heard of food scandals in China.. but we were hopeful when we saw this.. hygienically wrapped cups, bowls etc.

Beijing Mala Hot Pot Wrapped Crockery

Then the food arrived..

I think we were a tad bit too optimistic about our appetite..

Beijing Mala Hot Pot Meats
Thinly shaved beef and mutton

Oh ya.. we also ordered a huge plate of assorted mushrooms.

Beijing Mala Hot Pot Jason
The soup was fantastic! One side herbal, the other Mala.

The Mala tasted very different than those we get in Singapore. It was delicious and tasty.. not just numbingly spicy.


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