4 bucket-list items in 4 days

One of the most memorable holidays I ever had was in 1996.

A bunch of us went for a holiday to Cairns, Australia. And in just 4 days, I managed to check 4 items off my bucket-list.

The 4 items were:

  1. Scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Sleeping under the stars on a sailing yacht in the middle of the ocean
  3. White water rafting
  4. Bungy Jumping

Each event was memorable and sparked different types of emotion.. but the one that truly took the prize was Bungy! We went to AJ Hackett’s.

Never had I felt so much fear and excitement all at once. My knees were like jelly, climbing up the 50m Smithfield Tower, which was built on the side of a forested mountain overlooking the beautiful Trinity Bay.

Once you’re up there, you have a few minutes to take it all in. They’ll get you all roped-up and once ready, you’ll start inching to the edge of the platform. The guy shouts, 3.. 2.. 1.. BUNGY! And off you go..

I said to myself, whilst 45 degrees out.. die.. there’s no turning back.

And in that few seconds, everything went quiet.. all I could hear was the whooshing of the wind and my mind couldn’t process how quick I was reaching the pond at the bottom. It was as if my brain was in delayed telecast.


I had thought I would have screamed all the way down, but again, it was just too much to process.. nothing came out.

But once I had touched the water, I went AARRGGHHH all the way up.


It was a perfectly timed shot! (Props to my friend for the picture)

Then came the strangest part of the Bungy ride.. the sudden weightlessness when you’ve bounced back up.. there was no up nor down.. my arms were probably flailing all over, but I couldn’t tell what was going on. It was a momentary lost of senses.

Then after several more bounces, it was finally time to get down. Phew! What a thrill it was!

That was 20 years ago.. will I still be game to do something like that now? Hmm.. I haven’t done skydiving & hang-gliding yet.. heh heh.



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