Our Saturday routine

Almost every Saturday night, we take it easy and head out for a simple dinner as a family.

Tonight was the same.. We decided it shall be Chicken Rice for dinner!

Although Chicken Rice is a ubiquitous sight in every hawker centre in Singapore, it certainly ain’t all the same! So where shall we go then?

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice!

We arrived at Mei Chin Hawker Centre to see other like-minded families gathered around the tables enjoying their succulent & delicious albeit plain-looking boiled chicken.

Sin Kee Chicken Rice
Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice

The rice was fragrant, not too oily and tasty even on its own.. the chicken was tender and moist, yet had a bit of a bite. Some of the pieces were oozing with gelatinous chicken collagen. Yum!

The chilli was a tad bit watery, but still tasted good.

Overall, 2 thumbs up from me! Satisfying..



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