Grand Opening

We had our office grand opening several months ago. It was my very first! It was both exciting and scary at the same time.

Exciting as it was a new chapter in our lives, but scary as it was the first time I spent so much on renovations and the lease. It was certainly an eye-opener for me.

We invited about 50 guests and treated them to a scrumptious buffet lunch. There was even a live cooking station, preparing mince meat noodles and also vegetarian enchiladas.



We didn’t want people to spend money on the typical congratulatory bouquets so in our invitation cards, we requested that they support our adopted charity instead.

Thank you for supporting our adopted charity, Junior Achievement Singapore

Our guests were a generous bunch! We collected a total of $790 for Junior Achievement Singapore. Yay!

Some of our guests could make it, one couple who moved to Perth just weeks before our opening sent us a gift! The plant is still alive and growing btw, even after 6 months 🙂

Penny and Zack Gift

Raspberry couldn’t help herself.. whatcha lookin at.. Huh?

So cute!





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