Ah Boys to Men

Some time in July 2014, Raspberry and I had an opportunity to attend a POP (aka Passing Out Parade) for the latest batch of National Service (NS) recruits.

Being a non-Singaporean, I’ve never seen, much less participated in any form of NS-related activities.

The parade took place at a floating platform right in the middle of Marina Bay. What a view!

The Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands from The Float@Marina
POP Skyline
Singapore City Skyline from The Float@Marina

The boys marched from their ferry terminal in the East all the way to Marina Bay, in the city centre. That’s 24kms (15 miles) in Full Battle Order.. Phew!

After all the marching routines and parading in front of their family & friends, they all threw their caps into the sky in unison, cheering loudly. They’ve finally completed their Basic Military Training!

They’ve transitioned from Ah Boys to Men.

Passing Out Parade
National Service: A rite of passage for every man in Singapore

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