Beef Sukiyaki

It’s been almost 2 years since I last blogged.. I transferred my old posts to this new one and hope I’ll be more active on it..

Raspberry had a craving for hotpot yesterday.. and in particular, Beef Sukiyaki, a popular Japanese hotpot. So, off we went to the supermarket in the morning and got all the necessary ingredients. Preparation was a breeze as all the cooking will be done in the hotpot itself..

And before starting, of course, the obligatory food photo!

Sukiyaki RGB
in glorious full colour
Sukiyaki All in BW
in black and white
Sukiyaki BW Background
a hybrid (desaturated background)

I must say.. it’s been a while since I last made anything that was photo-worthy.

Sukiyaki Pour BW Background
Pouring the Sukiyaki Broth into the hotpot

Find the Recipe here





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