Seafood Paella

The other day I bought some Chorizo (a type of Spanish sausage).. so what comes to mind when thinking of Spanish food? Paella of course!

There’re many varieties, but my favourite is the Seafood Paella.

There’s a fair bit of preparation to be done and I guess you could look at it in sets of threes. Here are some of the key trios:

  1. Substance – Protein (meat and/or seafood), veges and starch (rice)
  2. Flavour – Onion, garlic and tomato (aka Sofrito: the holy trinity of Spanish cuisine)
  3. Fragrance – Saffron, stock and socarrat (the charred rice crust at the bottom of the pan)

When done right, this one pan dish is absolutely amazing!

Seafood Paella
Many trios come together to create a beautiful and hearty meal

Find the recipe here



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