Baked Salmon Fillet with Tarragon Dijonnaise Sauce & Garlic Prawn Penne in Pesto

My Mother-in-law recently bought a brand new oven.. woohoo! Finally a chance to try some other styles of cooking.. Since it was only the 2 of us at home for dinner tonight, we decided to cook up a storm! Wifey was keen on some salmon.. so here’s what transpired in the kitchen..

Some of the ingredients.. Salmon, Prawns, Mayo, Tarragon, Lemon, Penne

I started off by preheating the oven for like 10-15mins at about 160 deg C and set a pot of water to boil.

Next, take 3 scoops of Mayo and 2 scoops of Dijon Mustard.. mixed well with Lemon Zest, Chopped Tarragon Leaves and squeeze of 1 Lemon Wedge.. (A scoop is about a large tablespoon dollop)

Remember to mix well..

Then.. put the Penne into the boiling water (remember to add a teaspoon of salt to taste).. just before it is al-dente, throw in the frozen prawns.. of course you can use raw prawns, but i was too lazy..

Then while this is all getting cooked, pat dry the salmon with some kitchen paper towels,  and rub 2 pinches of salt over the fillets, and lightly coat with Olive Oil

we haven’t got a proper baking tray yet.. so wifey helped to improvise..

coat the Salmon Fillets liberally with the Tarragon Dijonnaise Sauce..

and when the oven is ready.. pop it in!

Around 160-170 deg C for about 15 mins.

Ahh.. can relax for a bit.. with some yummy Moscato

ohoh.. still got the Penne.. chop some garlic

Oh yeah.. when the pasta’s done, take it out and toss it dry..

Next.. Heat up some Olive Oil, add in the Garlic and stir fry the cooked prawns (or raw prawns).. then when it’s fragrant, add in the Penne (or whatever pasta u want)

Give it is quick fry/toss around.. and finally add in 2-3 tablespoons of Pesto.. (I buy them in a jar, easier).. mix well and garnish with some Basil Leaves

Now we need some greens! This was on offer.. almost 50% discount.. love the “for quick sale” items..

umm.. do we have a salad bowl? never mind.. i have an idea!

Heh heh! Like that also can.. anyways.. i added a mix of Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Salt & Pepper.. toss and voila!

Starting to “plate”

oohh.. the Salmon is done! Looks perfect..

Careful now.. don’t break apart…

waah.. “plating” .. so “atas”!

Pairing with a glass of Moscato (or whatever White wine you prefer)

Here’s the Garlic Prawn Penne in Pesto

Stylo shot..

Here’s the final presentation… tadah!!

Close up

Oh.. look in the inside.. so succulent.. so yummy..

the end!!

Time taken.. 35 mins.. (really.. not kidding you)


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