New Beginnings

I’ve moved to KL.

As usual… a number of people were wondering if I went off the deep end.

Let me say it again, I have come to a realization that geographical location does not determine who I am nor my level of success.

And it seems to me, I’ve moved at the right time.

Whilst the property market has boomed in Singapore, it’s an artificial growth based on nothing more than speculation. Whereas KL has been growing steadily by 5-15% each year. KL is still one of the most value for money location to invest in property.

It’s finally time for me to do what I’ve been wanting to do since I was 21.. be in the property industry. My goal is to be in retail/commercial building development and management. I have to start somewhere, so I became a Real Estate Negotiator with ACE Realty in KL.

Almost immediately, I was given a great opportunity to work on a large leasing project, where I stand to earn commissions valued in the 6 digits.. wow! lovely.. a niche project that I just somehow seem to have some experience in.


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